STA Awards

STA has a range of Incentive Awards for use within, or outside, of the ILSP including:

I Can Swim Badge

This can be used as an incentive for a pupil who can swim but perhaps cannot complete an award or cannot swim sufficient distance to achieve a Distance Award.

Stroke Badges

Badges available include 'Good Front Crawl', 'Good Back Crawl', 'Good Breast Stroke', 'Good Butterfly'.

A Certificate of Achievement

This can be presented for any suitable pupil achievement.

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What's our mission?

  • Provide a unique, tailor made programme suitable for each individual's needs and abilities
  • Give each individual our undivided attention in order for them to get the most out of their lessons
  • Deliver safe, high quality swimming lessons keeping an emphasis on fun
  • To build confident, safe swimmers
  • To provide instruction on many different levels, from blowing bubbles to butterfly
  • Advocate the many benefits of swimming as a life skill
  • Provide professional and qualified staff to assist in the learning process